Having a long experience with AutoCAD plugins, the developers of ALCAD decided to create a standalone MEP software solution. ALCAD allows the creation of simple to complex DWG-compatible designs in a working environment that should be familiar to users of AutoCAD and other CAD software, with a rich set of tools and options that give it reliability and power.

ALCAD is, as mentioned before, a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing software application that brings to the table a series of well-though plugins meant to help you create fully-functional, realistic and economical designs. Its versatility makes it suitable for various industries involving mechanical and manufacturing, electronics and electrical, architecture, engineering and construction.

The ribbon-based interface makes it easier for users to access all the available 2D and 3D tools and options without having to navigate through complex menus. ALCAD puts at your disposal a various drawing tools, allowing the creation of complex technical drawings. It works with layers and allows you to customize the design to the last detail, displaying a list of all the drawing properties.

The array of selection, filtering and object manipulation tools is generous, comparable to that of the popular AutoCAD. It features a variety sketch modes and selection grips, materials and visual styles.

ALCAD is also suitable for architects that are looking for a modelling tool, providing basic AEC entities, such as models of walls, doors, windows, stairs and railings, slabs and roofs, all predefined for quick and easy selection and importing.

There are also 3D drawing tools available, which make it possible for you to obtain compelling designs. You have a list of 3D meshes and solids, or face model meshes to experiment with, along with various editing and converting tools, all ready for you to discover. ALCAD allows importing BIM data (IFC, RVT), while also providing support for PDF, DGN, SWF and graphic overlays.

Thanks to the powerful rendering add-on it is equipped with, ALCAD allows realistic rendering of all the models, enabling you to preview the design in 3D.   The design can be exported to various formats, including 2D and 3D PDF. Furthermore, ALCAD allows direct model publishing and printing.

Being a complex CAD software tool, there is much more to discover to ALCAD than all of the above. However, it is worth remembering that it comes with a variety of modules and plugins that make it versatile and ready to meet the demands of professionals in different industries. All that is left for you is take it for a spin to test all its capabilities.