Although some prefer lens distortion, as it brings that cinematic look to photographs, most users prefer to remove it either in post-processing or in-camera, provided their cameras carry such features. The fisheye effect present in wide and ultra-wide angle lenses can be removed with tools such as Ashampoo Video Fisheye Removal. This application comes packed with a set of tools addressing distortion correction and basic image editing.

The processing layout is well-designed, offering a main image preview area, complemented by two panels that carry all the necessary tools. Thus, users will always have all the features accessible, and avoid working with several windows opened at the same time.

Loading images into the interface can be done by either dragging-and-dropping or by navigating to their respective repository. The built-in live preview is one of the valuable assets that this program offers, as it enables for an uninterrupted view of the adjustments performed through the correction process.

Besides its main distortion correction feature, the app also empowers users with a small set of image editing tools, with different purposes. One will be able to perform color correction, rotation, cropping or even mirroring to the loaded images.

Those who worry that their camera profile might not be recognized by the application’s internal system can rest assured. An extensive library of camera profiles is provided, enabling users to find their cameras with ease.

If one is looking to correct image distortion in images, which was caused by wide and ultra-wide angle lenses, this application might be a winner. Its fair set of image distortion removal tools, coupled with the editing features and an impressive camera profile library make it a good choice for such undertakings.