Black Hole Organizer is a program created to help you store and manage your notes with great ease.

Organizing your files should be easy thanks to the complex folder tree you can create within the app. Also, making new documents only requires the push of a button, while moving the files from one directory to another is quite easy as well thanks to the drag and drop support.

To help you search through your saved documents, Black Hole Organizer provides a tool called “Power find”, a feature that enables you to find particular files through an extensive search.

You can choose to look for exact words or phrases, include or exclude words, make the search case sensitive and select time periods in order to narrow the search for your file.

Also, the app offers you the option of setting a document reminder at certain dates. These notifications come in the form of a pop-up window that stays on your screen until you either choose to “snooze” or dismiss it. However, if the software is shut down, reminders don't work.

The software also comes with a well-developed text editor that offers you multiple options. You can insert and create tables, stylize your text with various formats and colors, choose between various fonts and sizes, insert bullets, adjust paragraphs and even access a dictionary and a spell checker.

All in all, Black Hole Organizer is a nice tool that helps you keep your various notes at just one click away. The interface is easy to use, while the text formatting options are common enough that it shouldn't be a problem to get used to the app right away.