Whenever you are suspecting your data will be tampered with or lost, the best way to go is to back up everything of value. Using Windows Backup Utility is the easiest way to achieve that unless you opt for other third-party tools. 

Sadly, like any other file, BKF items can become corrupted as well. Repairing broken BKF is not an impossible task, but what happens when you have to recover a BKF file that's over 1 TB? BKF File Repair Tool claims to be the perfect solution for this exact type of scenario.

The app's interface has nothing complicated about it. The larges part is represented by the preview pane, where the identified items will be displayed. Other than that, the usual functions like Open, Save, Search are going to be included.

Repairing might be in the program's name, but what the app can help you do is to recover data from within your backup file, that's all. In short, your 1 TB file won't remain intact, as there might be unrecoverable bits, which will cause your backup to be fragmented.

To conclude, BKF File Repair Tool advertises itself as the only option for recovering data from within a backup larger than 1 TB. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to do exactly that, it seems that giving this tool a try might be a wise move.