Email messaging beyond the on-line, common platforms, almost always implies the use of various formats to achieve interoperability. Thankfully, there are as many converter utilities as there are formats out there and consequently, innovating in the field is a real challenge. Cigati MSG Converter focuses on providing a basic solution for converting MSG format files into different output formats, all in a straightforward, accessible manner.

Users can choose to either add a single file or multiple ones, through both drag-and-drop operations as well as through navigation to their location. Furthermore, when dealing with a large number of files, entire directories can be added, this way saving time.

In order to proceed with the conversion process, users must also select a destination directory path, where the target files will be saved.

One of the areas where any such converter app must be well-established is the available formats and Cigati MSG Converter offers a decent number. One will be able to resort to some of the most common formats: EMLX, MBOX, HTML, PDF, PST, etc.

However, a large array of conversion formats will not help with data handling and this is why the app comes packed with an integrated filtering module. By using it one can define the exact time-frame from which data to be extracted.

Featuring pretty standard tools and functionality, Cigati MSG Converter can be considered a valid choice for those in need of an email format converter. Minimalist looks and an overall basic handling make it easy to work with and efficient.