For DJ's, Discotheques, Bars, Nightclubs, SWAKKE pro represents the first fully automated system for your sound and lights!

You get the same functionality as the most expensive players but dj SWAKKE pro is much user friendly and you can control your lights. And this for the price lower than a game.

dj SWAKKE pro is very simple to use.

Here are some key features of "dj SWAKKE pro":

■ Can play MP3, OGG, WMA and FLAC files.

■ Full support for the Velleman K8000 card.

■ Control all of your DMX fixtures.

■ On screen beat visualizations.

■ CD Player and free Ripper.

■ Give your songs all possible effects.

■ Beat and Tempo matching.

■ Record all of your effects right in the tags.

■ Volume normalizer to play all your songs with the same volume.

■ Fully skinable.

■ And a lot more.


■ Limited to 30 times.