Databases are widely used, both in commercial and household settings. Among these items, Firebird servers allow users improved data protection and flexibility when performing operations. For such databases, Firebird Data Sync allows one to transfer information quickly between two servers.

The lightweight application is compatible with all versions of Firebird, from 1.0 and later, but will not work with any other databases. It features a highly intuitive setup and new users should find no problems in migrating data with just a few mouse clicks. Once source items (FDBs) have been defined, the program allows its users to define appropriate credentials – if applicable, as well as to adjust the ports involved.

Both standard and embedded servers are supported and one of the great features is the ability to selectively transfer tables from within the source database. What's more, the application has data checks in place that allow one to easily spot common errors – such as tables with no primary key defined.

Another powerful feature is the ability to compare source and target data, before actually issuing any commands. A tabular view is employed to list all the differences and an “Update All” option can be used to perform changes quickly.

Anyone who wants greater power over the entire migration process can opt to customize table mappings. At this stage, users can perform key adjustments, as well as add filters and the program will automatically display warnings whenever errors are encountered. Synchronization logs can be generated and manual ordering rules can also be created.

To conclude, Firebird Data Sync is an asset for anyone employing Firebird databases. It allows its users to quickly transfer data between two compatible locally-stored servers; customized migration tasks are supported, as are user-defined table mappings.