If you typically work with multiple databases at the same time and wish to easily synchronize information, you can take a look at MSSQL-MySQL Sync. Designed for Windows and Linux/Unix MySQL servers, the tool is capable of copying database contents between SQL Server, Azure SQL and MySQL with minimum effort on your behalf.

According to the developer, it offers support for all versions of Microsoft SQL, including Azure SQL. Furthermore, it gives you the possibility to sync individual tables as well as to perform the sync incrementally.

Command lines are available for expert users who prefer the keyboard over the mouse. Following a setup operation that takes little time to finish, MSSQL-MySQL Sync shows a user-friendly wizard that guides you every step of the way, in an effort to successfully synchronize databases.

You can get started by picking the sync mode: SQL Server / Azure SQL to MySQL, or MySQL to SQL Server / Azure SQL. In the following step, it's necessary to provide the server connection details, such as IP address and port, together with the login name and password.

If you're attempting to connect to the local PC, then the IP address field should remain empty. Also, you can connect using Windows or SQL Server authentication, connect as a database owner, as well as view the tables owned by the user.

Once the connection is made, you can enter the names of the MS SQL and MySQL databases that will be taken into account for the sync job. MSSQL-MySQL Sync can be instructed to create a log file with all details surrounding the procedure, giving you the chance to study errors if they occur.

It can perform a full sync on the first run, which is mandatory if you want to run the task incrementally in the future. Also, it can drop sync in order to delete missing rows from the source table. These settings can be saved to file and later opened to pick up where you left off.

Data was quickly synced in our tests while the application remained light on system resources usage. All aspects considered, MSSQL-MySQL Sync offers a simple solution for users interested in seamlessly moving tables between SQL Server, Azure SQL and MySQL databases.