FLV Player Full Screen Software provides you with nothing but a software parody, the worst kind of it. Every aspect of it takes only about two seconds to figure out and when you manage to figure it all out, you realize that the past seconds you have spent to download and install it were actually a waste.

First thing first, FLV Player Full Screen Software is incredibly large for a basic FLV player and it takes several minutes to download. In that amount of time, you can easily download any other serious and free of charge software you can lay your eyes on and even start playing your FLV files.

Moreover, upon running the application, your browser starts loading the buy webpage for the product while the main interface features an annoying additional window intended for, yet again, convincing you to acquire a FLV Player Full Screen Software license. Other than that, the program uses the Windows Media Player interface, making it less original and more frustrating, if that’s even possible.

On closer inspection, you learn that the size of the installation kit is due to a tutorial video depicting the full version of the software and the ridiculous time it takes for it to load and play a non-HD FLV file. As the title of the application suggests, the main feature of it relates to its pathetic characteristic of playing the videos in full screen mode.

Putting a price tag on anything this pointless and dumb and even pursue the user so forcefully to purchase it is one if not the lowest level of senselessness. You just can’t find this much foolishness in a piece of software, just as you rarely find brilliance. The whole idea of this program is absurd and can never be taken seriously.

FLV Player Full Screen Software is more than a fluke, it is nonsense. You can try and look at it from every aspect and still can’t find its meaning because it doesn’t have one. There are so many practical applications out there that can rapidly play your FLV files (in full screen, too) and you should really try them out instead of this riffraff.