Handy Backup Server Network is a powerful utility that allows you to control every backup device and network connected to it. Exchange Servers, Cloud Services, SQL Databases, FTP, HDD and more, all are accessible with this tool.

All processes are under the control of the Management Panel, which lets you schedule and plan all backups and recovery actions from one single window.

Regarding storage capabilities, handy backup offers multiple environments for file storage. IT supports personal systems, remote servers, cloud services, external devices (USB drives, HDD), FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers, NAS and more.

If you need to execute backups on a well-determined schedule you can set up the app to automatically backup your data - a cool feature for busy users that need to keep the manual labor to a minimum.

The application provides client and server backup solutions to Hyper-V on local or remote systems. It can support virtual machines like VMWare and VirtualBox as well as copying online arrays and virtual machine hosts.

Handy backup can extract data from the most popular database platforms out there. MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle are example of database services covered, but it does not limit itself to these ones.

The app is compatible with the main Window OS versions (10, 8, 7), Windows Server @016, 2012, 2008 (R2) and with Linux based computers as well as other JAVA operating systems.

To sum it up, Handy Backup is a straightforward utility that takes care of all of your backup and recovery needs. It supports most of the physical and online storage platforms and operating systems, and it sports a good collection of features that can come in handy for every user. Its simple and easy-to-use interface provides all the tools and descriptions for a quick and efficient operation.