Mgosoft PCL To PS Converter is a user-friendly application that enables you to convert PCL, PXL, PRN and PX3 files to the PS format. It is very intuitive, and it allows you to change the original page size, set the PostScript level, expand or shrink pages.

Whether you need to process one or more files, Mgosoft PCL To PS Converter is a great application for the job. It can get through a long list of documents in one operation, so there is a good chance it will save you a lot of time.

When adding new files to the processing queue, you have the option of just selecting the folder they are stored in to have the program load them automatically. Drag and drop actions are also supported, making it a lot easier to import all your documents.

After adding the source files, you only need to specify where the output documents should be saved. Of course, experts can play around with various other settings, but a basic conversion job requires no specialized knowledge.

It is possible to set the width and height of the created files manually, as well as specify whether smaller pages should be expanded, shrunk or centered. Moreover, you can define the PostScript level and enable duplex printing.

Mgosoft PCL To PS Converter comes with a minimalistic user interface that novices should find to be quite intuitive.

However, it would have been great if more extensive documentation were included, as the user manual that is provided does not offer detailed explanations.

In conclusion, Mgosoft PCL To PS Converter is a no-frills application that can help you convert large numbers of PCL, PXL, PRN or PX3 files to the PS format. It does its job quite well, and it is suitable for both experts and novices.