MS SQL Maestro is a comprehensive application that can help you administer Microsoft SQL servers and develop databases, offers numerous data editing, sorting grouping and filtering features, as well as a visual database designer and query builder.

To ease the process of manipulating databases, MS SQL Maestro allows you to create multiple profiles. These embed connection settings and various other options, enabling you to connect to the database quickly in the future.

The application offers a visual database designer, allowing you to create diagrams that depict the relations between all the objects in your database. This can greatly simplify maintenance tasks, as it displays information in a much more intuitive way.

You can view all the objects in your database in a separate panel that displays them in a tree-like structure. It is possible to browse through database contents, create new objects, edit the existing ones or duplicate them.

MS SQL Maestro includes a visual query builder, designed to enable you to create and edit queries without possessing advanced SQL knowledge.

The application also allows you to depict data extracted from a table or query in diagram form. These can be displayed in various ways, using bars, lines, points and multiple styles.

Data can be imported or exported to and from numerous common formats. The application offers intuitive wizard modes for each operation, ensuring that the information is correctly formatted.

You can adjust input data formats, empty target tables or execute SQL scripts, as well as customize output files, by specifying data formats, fonts and colors.

To conclude, MS SQL Maestro is a powerful program, designed to simplify the process of administering Microsoft SQL servers and developing SQL databases. It includes a wide range of tools to help you execute SQL scripts, create visual diagrams, build queries and much more.