It has been a long time since 3D designs were created with pen and paper, since all manners of software applications do the job faster, better and error free.

RISAConnection is such a software application that takes 3D modeling to the next level.

The app's UI is no exactly user-friendly, as someone who has no experience using this type of software. The menus are full of name tags that are specifically created to be used by professionals.

The app provides a complex connection design with the aid of a 3D model. It aids in your calculations, giving you full control of the connection type and components and the speed to change the connection with a flip of the switch or the push of a button.

RISAConnection takes the complexity out of calculations by listing explicitly the calculations and the code check values. Thus, you may review your results in an easy-to-read report or inspect the connection in a 2D shop drawing-style drawing.

This 3d modeling tool allows you to quickly build steel connections using a quick connection dialog box with pictures and descriptions.

You may review your connection in an interactive 2-dimensional picture or view it fully rendered in 3D. The rendered view allows you to rotate 360 degrees to see the entire connection.

The app offers near seamless integration with other software tools from the same developer,  and thus you can practically consider it as part of a software suite.

If you have previous experience using this piece of software or other programs from the same suite, then you will be pleased by what this latest iteration brings to the table. On the other hand, if you are new to 3D rendering, then you might as well choose something more simple, like AutoCAD.