TRIANGULATION for AutoCAD is a powerful tool that can be used with AutoCAD, ZWCAD or other similar programs, created to help you triangulate point entities, calculate isolines or generate KML files.

The tool can easily estimate the intersection curves between a set of 3DFACE entities and a set of equidistant plans.

Moreover, the extension features volume and gravity force calculators, allowing you to determine the gravity of specific objects, including surfaces of 3DFACE entities.

The triangulation algorithm can be applied to a convex hull of point entities and can be performed in a short time, regardless of the number of points.

The isolines can easily be interpolated and you may change their colors based on a legend. The tool can highlight specific lines, for better observation.

You may also overlay a projection over a triangulation of a 2D polyline to generate cross sections and longitudinal profile.

The tool also allows you to create DWG files, to load to Google Earth. It can generate a KML file type in which you may save the required data, such as projected coordinate system.

The installation of TRIANGULATION for AutoCAD is simple; you may load the tool in the CAD program of your choice, from the Tools menu and import the a_triang.vlx file from the extension archive. The configuration can easily be modified, using the specified command arguments.

TRIANGULATION for AutoCAD supports working with various types of drawing files, allowing you to generate intermediary points on the selected 3Dpoly and spline entities.

Triangulation can also be performed on a spline or 3dpoly entity and you may generate additional points for measurements.

The tool allows you to colorize the lines using several color sets, to visually separate intersections or divided lines in the selected 3DFACE entities with vertical plans.

The tool comes with a detailed documentation that offers information regarding the command arguments and the writing of KML data types.