Zenreader is somewhat of a unique app in the sense that it's mainly a project organizer/project manager that's perfectly capable of being so much more thanks to its document reader and powerful note-taking engine. Zenreader's main goal is to help you perform background research for your academic papers or complex projects rapidly and orderly.

It's somewhat difficult to perfectly describe an application so comprehensive as Zenreader. Yet, the thing that makes Zenreader really special is the fact that it combines all its main elements in an approachable fashion.

Take for instance its document reader. Designed to make it as easy as possible for you to read documents, synthesize content, and extract what you need from them.

One way you can extract that information is with the help of snippets. You can take notes directly from your documents by selecting images, text, and so much more.

These snippets can also be organized with the help of tags. These tags help you find the information you need at a glance and you can reuse them, update, or export them if you wish.

Another great feature/section of the app is the Notes Outliner. It allows you to add your input and thoughts on certain saved pieces of information. You can also go to their source with a single mouse click.

As you can see, finding and retrieving knowledge is a big part of what makes this app so great. The lightning-fast search works across all sections of the app, and all the documents of your project. The search results can be filtered by tags, text, date, and many more similar elements.

Of course, there's no denying the fact that learning to use Zenreader will definitely take some time. However, once you get past the essentials, you'll discover some of the app's "hidden" features. One example is the support for the KanBan view. This allows you to focus more on the outcome and not get bogged down when it comes to the details of your project.

Other noteworthy features include the fact that the app can handle document references. The app automatically detects citation info and can export citations in more than 1900 academic styles.

You can also import webpages (and extract snippets from them as well), convert scanned documents thanks to the built-in OCR engine, export you projects in HTML, PDF, Word, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice formats, extract keywords out of documents, and lastly, you can also encrypt all the data on your local machine.

Even though we've done our best to outline what this app is all about, things might seem a bit too complicated. Don't get us wrong, the app is very well made, the GUI is stylish and modern, but there's a hefty learning curve until you'll get to master it to its full potential. We recommend you take a look at the Getting Started section.

At the end of the day, Zenreader is a very capable application that will definitely come in handy for those who need a comprehensive project manager that's capable of taking notes, organizing them as well as any academic papers or hefty research projects.