Advanced Find and Replace is a powerful tool developed to search documents and replace words or longer lines of text.

The ace up its sleeve is the ability to work not only with text documents, but also with web pages (HTM, HTML, ASP and ASPX formats) and Microsoft Office files (DOC and DOCX extensions).

There are three main tools, all of them integrated right into the main window: find text, replace a text line or batch replace content.

Regardless of the option you choose, you are allowed to play a little bit with settings, including filters that concern the search process. You're allowed for example to input not only the search query, but also file size, file name length and modification times.

When it comes to the text replacing action, there are several actions available, as it follows: replace with, insert before, between or after, delete, insert top or bottom and cyclic replace from file.

There are plenty of options too, which once again emphasize that Advanced Find and Replace is a truly full-featured product. You can customize each of the aforementioned three tools, but also configure the preview and the backup features.

Advanced Find and Replace doesn't require advanced computer knowledge, but only a bit more attention when setting up its features. If you're a rookie however, you're highly recommended to have a look in the comprehensive help manual included in the package.

To sum up, Advanced Find and Replace is quite a handy piece of software that works impressively fast and gets along with every Windows version out there. It also offers multi-language support and skins for a customized look.