Winning the lotto is no easy thing, since not only do you have to guess the numbers that might come up, but you also have to guess them in order.

Depending on how many numbers are involved, that is something that can take quite some time until someone cracks even a fraction of it. However, the prize pool is also greatly increased.

One way to get an edge is to try to use an application that can create schemes for all lotteries, an app likeĀ Algoritm Lottery.

The app is fairly simple as far as the UI goes since it is made up of nothing more but a selection screen where you have the number combinations you can try, ranging from 10 number combinations of a five out of 14 scheme, up to 30 number combinations of five out of 33 schemes.

All you need to do is select the scheme you like, and then press the button labeled "Check," and after a brief period (a few seconds at most) it will proceed to display the combinations and the likeliness of them being the winning ones.

While the exact formula remains a mystery, as long as math is involved, it is already better than old-fashioned guesswork.

With this program, you can create schemes for all lotteries, and it can be used for Keno and 6/49, automatically generating combinations according to the index.

You can also check your variants just from a single push of a button up to 15 numbers at the same time, and the program saves the numbers or it can be used to import your numbers.

While usingĀ Algoritm Lottery (or any other similar program for that matter) will not guarantee that you will win the jackpot, the app's application or math formulas will at least turn your already slim chance into a slightly bigger chance.