CryptoNG is a powerful, yet simple to use program that allows you to easily and effectively encrypt important files. The application allows you to protect the files by instituting a password and restricting the access to it. Moreover, you can also permanently delete certain files, without a chance for recovery.

CryptoNG allows you to encode individual files by encasing them in a password protected shell, with a specific, unique extension. Therefore, the files cannot be read or decrypted with a different application and without knowing the password.

The program applies the AES-GCM 256-bit authenticated encryption algorithm, which provides data authenticity (integrity) and confidentiality. The encoded items can only be opened with CryptoNG and their contents become available only after the files are decrypted.

The resulting encrypted files do not replace the source. Instead they are saved as a *.cng document at the same location as the original. This way, you can decide what to do with the original, unencrypted file, whether to delete or move it to a secure location.

CryptoNG is simple and comfortable to use since it allows you to view the folders as a tree structure, with expandable nodes. A dedicated window displays the contents of each subdirectory and separates the encrypted files in each location so that you may easily find them.

The program can also calculate the hash code for each selected file and check if the item has been tampered with. Moreover, it offers a security file wipe tool, which allows you to permanently erase the selected items. It supports three types of erasing and overwriting algorithms, from one-pass to three-pass.

CryptoNG can perform the opposite process, decoding the file and removing the password protection. This step can easily be performed whenever you wish to view the contents of the encrypted file. The shell can only be managed with CryptoNG and opened after providing the correct password.