Regardless of the intended purpose, saving media from online sources for offline, local use can be achieved in numerous ways. Users can either manually download the preferred content, use online service providers, or, dedicated desktop solutions. Designed for helping users download videos from online streaming services, DumpMedia Video Downloader will offer a compact and clean software solution for quick downloads, from a range of video streaming platforms.

Right-off the bat, one of the first aspects that came to our attention, was the fact that users need to manually input the corresponding video URL in order to initiate the download. This is quite cumbersome, and we feel that might impede the efficiency of the overall process.

Most Internet downloaders these days feature automatic clipboard detection as a standard feature or some other form of detection for the current Internet tab or video playback in progress.

As with the initial impressions regarding the manual input for the video URLs as a download starter, our attention was then focused on the output saving settings. Which, we believe to be just as important as the first mentioned.

Again, this is another aspect at which the app is hindering users’ leniency in terms of output file characteristics, as there aren’t too many options regarding the video quality. All that one can select is a preferred resolution and one of two formats, which we believe is not enough.

If you disregard the obvious weaknesses regarding data input and output file characteristics settings, DumpMedia Video Downloader can offer a decent video downloading experience.