Embed Player is a lightweight video player, capable of rendering embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metcafe or other similar websites. The software is designed to allow you to watch a video or listen to music while working, without having to open it in the browser.

All you need to do is insert the embed code of the clip and the software prompts a small playback window, that can stay always on top. This way, you can listen to music or watch a clip, in the background, while you work, without being interrupted by ads.

Moreover, the application comes as a playback window, that stays always on top, small enough not to bother you at your work, yet large enough so you can watch a movie or other videos.

The progression bar is displayed continuously, but the control bar, with the play/pause buttons hides away while the clip is playing. Simply hovering over the window unhides the control bar, so you can pause the video, change the resolution or the video quality.

Additionally, you may switch to full screen view, or open the video in your browser. The window borrows the control bar from the website that hosts the embedded clip. For instance, an embedded video published to YouTube features the dedicated control bar. A similar situation happens if the video originates from Vimeo or other video hosting Web service.

Embed Player is small enough not to distract you from your work, and stays at the lower right corner of the screen, next to the clock/date. You may keep it always on top of other windows, by enabling the Top Most option. Disabling the previously mentioned setting causes the application to hide away if not used.

Embed Player is a useful alternative to watching embedded videos from your Web browser, since it requires less resources, it is smaller and you can avoid ads, when listening to a playlist. You can easily play or pause the video at any time without switching to your browser window.