If you spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, you might want to save and organize data that's of interest to you in a convenient manner and sometimes accomplishing that without dedicated software can be a hassle.

Foliaro is one of the applications that can help you save relevant data in a notebook-like interface and organize it as you would normally do with other files on your PC.

You can turn to this application if you often find interesting data on the Internet and would like to store it somewhere so that you can access it again without too many efforts.

Among the data you can save with this application, you can find images, articles, maps, videos, comments, search results, bookmarks, browsing history and other objects.

In order to help you familiarize with its interface, this application provides you with a few samples that you can access by simply clicking the tabs you're interested in from the main window. That is only available if you open the sample FOLI document.

Here you can view an introduction, a list of this program's key features, some basic controls, restrictions and some sample data. Of course, the rest of the tabs contain even more examples such as YouTube pages and a collection of neatly organized websites.

Furthermore, you don't need an external browser to load the data that you saved within the FOLI documents, as this program features a built-in one that is called whenever you want to explore online contents.

More so, you can type the website you want to visit in the designated field if you want to discover your own contents and save them to your computer. However, you might notice that page loading times can be rather long at times, which might be disconcerting for some users.

To sum it up, if you need to keep interesting data that you encounter while browsing online, you might consider turning to Foliaro, as it provides you with several relevant features and packs a bunch of sample files to help you get into action as quickly as possible.