Numi is a handy calculator that adopts a different approach when it comes to performing mathematical operations. It can combine numbers with text, so that you can add comments or titles right next to the results.

The application runs silently in the system tray, enabling you to open the calculation pane just by clicking on its icon. In the attempt to keep things as simple as possible, the window is plain simple, just like a clean whiteboard where you can write anything you want.

The application can be used rather differently than a standard calculator, enabling you to determine costs and calculate totals in an instant, which can be very helpful for keeping track of expenses and revenues.

Numi can handle basic arithmetic operations, such as additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions and can process exponentiation, calculate square roots and percentages. In addition to this, it provides support for trigonometric functions (sinus, cosine and tangent), where the argument is in radians by default.

One major advantage of this application is that it works with variables. As such, you can perform automatic re-calculations without having to enter new values each time, which significantly improves your workflow.

The text and calculations are automatically formatted by Numi, so as to make it readable. Furthermore, you can copy them to another application and the layout remains the same. This way, you can easily share your computations with others.

Numi is a mix between pen and paper and a standard calculator, which can prove useful to anyone. It enables you to freely write down mathematical operations and interleave comments with numbers, just like with any text editor. Calculations are remembered by the application even if you close it and retrieved next time it is launched.