Most PDF editing apps are all-in-one tools that can help you speed up whatever modification you want to apply. The same goes for PDF Editor Free Lite, a user-friendly solution that can meet most of your needs in terms of PDF adjustments.

The main window of PDF Editor Free Lite is organized in tabs, so you get a clear picture of the functions it supports. It goes without saying that you need to start by creating a list of source files, while keeping in mind that password-protected PDF files are not successfully processed until you enter the corresponding password.

As soon as you have added documents to the list, you can re-arrange them as you see fit by moving them up or down using the dedicated buttons.

You can create a file renaming pattern that should be applied to all output files and you can specify the prefix, format and suffix. When compressing your files, you can select the type of contents you need: images, pages, fonts or everything.

You get the possibility to extract certain pages found in a specific range, only odd pages or only even ones, then define the rotation angle that best suits your necessities. You can also merge all the selected pages and add an extra blank one if the total page count is odd.

When it comes to splitting your PDF file, the only option you get is to split it by a number of user-defined pages.

In a nutshell, even if PDF Editor Free Lite does not impress you with its neat and straightforward looks, its easy-to-understand features are bound to make up for it. No technical skills are required and you can process multiple PDF files in a single go, thus saving a lot of time.