No one likes having to take pills constantly to fight an illness, but what’s worse is forgetting to take those pills and making the healing process a little more difficult. To avoid such situations, you may need to set reminders to keep track of the medication process more effectively. Pillbox is an app that can help you do just that.

When you add your pills to Pillbox, you have to tell it how often you need to take them, and also at what time of the day. When the time comes to take your medication, the program will sound an alarm on your device that will prompt you to click the “Taken” button. You can also snooze the alarm or just choose to skip the pill.

The pills that you miss will be marked as such so that you can always keep track of what you took, but also what you forgot to take. And while the app’s interface is user-friendly, there are some parts which could use improvement.

For example, when adding a pill to Pillbox, the app will always give you a blue box with a default time and dose. And while the dose can be changed directly from that box, the time can’t. So if you want to schedule your pill for a different time than the default setting, you first have to delete the default box. It’s an easy process that will give no one headaches, but it can be confusing the first time you use the app and it seems like just an unnecessary step.

Also, for a program that is supposed to give you important reminders, it’s a bit, well, silent. The notification will stay on your desktop until you close it, but the alarm will only ring for a few seconds. One should be able to have more control over the alarm's volume and duration.

Probably the program's best feature is that it’s not designed just for your use. You can add more people to the app (like friends and relatives) and keep track of their medicine as well. It’s this exact feature that makes Pillbox a good scheduler for whenever you or your loved ones need to administrate your medication carefully.