In today's interconnected world where many of our meetings, gatherings and events have moved to the online environment, it’s no wonder that we use several applications to work, shop or stay connected. This usually results in dozens of apps installed on a computer and an overcrowded web browser window with multiple opened and pinned tabs.

Designed to enhance productivity, Rambox Pro is an application that provides a centralized dashboard for all your favorite applications. The advantage is that you get one-click access to programs you are using on a daily basis in both your personal and work life, all without having to install so many tools.

Rambox Pro comes with support for an amazing high number of applications, which is by far its utmost advantage. Over 600 programs are waiting for you to integrate them in your personal environment. And, well said, personal, as no one can access it without a registered email and a password.

The notification area is where you can see the latest messages or alerts, while the left-side panel enables you to access all the groups and create new ones.

You might wonder what groups are in Rambox Pro. Well, smartly enough, you can create multiple collections of applications, called groups, and open them separately. For instance, you can have a group for applications you use at work and one for applications you use at home. Moreover, Rambox Pro enables you to customize the group icon to identify it easier, add it a relevant name, configure sounds and notification options and set a “do not disturb” time range.

Once a group is created, you can start populating it with the applications you need. Rambox Pro enables you to browse a huge library of applications and even add your own, custom one. A search field allows you to quickly find an app if you know it by name.

There are chat and messaging applications, some more popular than others, file transfer and data sharing tools, multimedia programs, calendars, email clients and other organizers, source code editors and other development tools, sales and marketing services, social media sites, news and feed readers, password managers, and many, many more. Perhaps the only thing that is missing from this assortment of applications is a set of categories to identify them easier.

Once you choose an application, a new tab is opened, and you can log in to your account. After that, using that particular service or app can be done directly in your personal dashboard in Rambox Pro, without having to use a browser or any other software.

You should keep in mind that Rambox also comes in another flavor, namely an open-source one. However, the Pro edition brings to the table many more supported applications, along with additional configuration options for work hours and themes. Furthermore, you get integrated ad blocking, automatic hibernation to save resources, spell checking and premium support.

Rambox Pro is a very interesting application, bringing together so many services and tools under the same roof. Clearly, being able to use a single interface for so many applications and services is what makes it so tempting. However, there are also smaller but very important benefits, those little things that make the entire user experience worth your while. Consequently, all that is left for you to do is take it for a spin and discover it all by yourself.