When working on a lengthy project, you might get occasionally lost or confused among the numerous resources you need to document and reference.

Relanote is an app that specializes in this type of projects and truly shines when you require bi-directional links to be inserted.

Before you can explore the main window of the app, you need to set up an account that is later needed to gain access to the feature-set of Relanote. The same credentials can be used to enjoy the web-based version of this utility.

It is advisable to take some time to get familiarized with hotkey combinations displayed within the main window to help you enjoy the strength of this solution.

As previously mentioned, what sets Relanote apart from other note-taking apps is its ability to integrate references to other existing notes. Furthermore, you can even reference notes that do not exist yet, as this action automatically creates a new note without you leaving the current one.

Creating and assigning tags can be done just as easily, you only need to press a dedicated hotkey and the whole operation is complete. Later on, you can quickly filter articles that share the same tags.

Another handy feature of Relanote is that it can help you get a clear picture of all the connections that exist between all your notes. Unfortunately, you cannot export the graph to an external file for later review (the only option is to use a third-party tool to take a snapshot).

All in all, Relanote can help you spend less time looking for ways to highlight relationships between notes, and focus more on the actual contents of your text. You can sort your notes according to their tags or assigned categories, whatever suits your needs.