WidsMob PDFEdit is an all-in-one solution for modifying the contents of your PDF files and creating new ones from scratch.

The GUI of WidsMob PDFEdit is not only user-friendly, but also easy to understand, which makes it ideal for novices and pros alike.

You can start by specifying if you need to create a new document (either a blank one or one based on existing files), or if you would prefer to edit an existing file.

When it comes to generating a new PDF based on other files, you can use Excel, Powerpoint, Word, text or image files as the source.

You can start by altering the text and graphics of your PDF, or by inserting new elements altogether to the location you like best. You can choose the font type, size and color, as well as line spacing, horizontal scaling or paragraph alignment.

You enhance the appearance of your PDF by inserting more objects, such as lines, arrows, circles, rectangles, pentagons, or freehand drawings.

WidsMob PDFEdit also allows you to insert new pages, extract or replace them, along with adding headers and footers meant to personalize your document. You can replace the page background, add watermarks and configure Bates numbering.

Moreover, you can protect the contents of your file by assigning it a password. You can even make sure a password is required whenever a user tries to print the file, insert or delete pages, fill in form fields, add a comment or a signature.

All in all, WidsMob PDFEdit is a feature-packed software solution meant to assist you into performing a flurry of editing actions on your PDF files. No technical skills are required, as even those who have little experience using PCs can still make the most of it.