CAD Exchanger GUI is a specialized application meant to help you manage a wide range of CAD-generated files. Considering it is designed to be used mostly by users who are familiar with CAD-related formats, it makes sense for expert skills to be required.

The main window of the application is highly intuitive and you can easily select the file you want to analyze and convert.

To help you assess its feature-set, CAD Exchanger GUI packs numerous samples for you to choose from, with multiple formats. Obviously, you have the liberty to load your own custom designs as well, with the possibility to merge multiple files in the same project.

Since one of its main purposes is to help you preview CAD files, it's helpful that it is compatible with many source formats, such as PDF, 3DS, SAT, BREP, DAE, DWG, DXF, IGS, PRT, OBJ, PLY, 3DM, STEP, U3D, and many more.

When you are ready to convert your project to a different format, you can choose from mostly the same formats, but you get additional export settings depending on the format.

Not only can you explore the properties and the PMI (product and manufacturing information) for each loaded project, but you get some extra functions when dealing with BRep files.

More specifically, you can take several types of measurements, ranging from coordinates, length, distance, radius, diameter, angle between planes or angle between 3 vertexes.

Multiple view modes are supported as well, and you can switch from wireframe, shading, shading with boundaries or shading with surface boundaries.

To sum things up, CAD Exchanger GUI is a reliable solution for all those who often work with CAD files and need to quickly convert them from one format to another.