DNS Lookup is a handy tool for developers, sysadmins, and other users who want to configure their network, as it allows you to easily retrieve and check the IP addresses that are associated with given domains.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is like an address book or a huge database that associates given domain names to their corresponding IP addresses.

When a user's PC, smartphone, or other Internet-connected device sends a request to a given location in an attempt to access a certain server (a hosted location that provides you with resources - e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Softpedia, or other websites), they actually need to have the resource referenced by the name (e.g., user input: 'google.com') associated with an IP address.

From that point on, based on your input, the DNS of your ISP associates the requested domain with an IP address, and therefore, knows where to forward the request (to Google's servers).

A DNS lookup tool like this one is helpful for those who want to find out the IP addresses associated with a given domain name. This is helpful for moments when you want to configure your home or work network, create filters, block certain IP address communications, or simply search and see what your systems communicate with under the hood.

Moreover, with this program, you could perform more sophisticated searches by entering a domain name, choosing the DNS server's cache data you want to interrogate (local DNS, Cloudflare, Google DNS, or China DNS), and selecting the record type of your results.

To summarize, this tool is fast, allows you to easily select the type of output you want to receive, interrogate different DNS sources, and switch between dark and light themes, for avoiding eye strain.