Just like the name suggests, Lumia Stream is an innovative way of interacting with your audience when streaming. This interaction involves many lights or better said many colors. The idea behind the app is to allow users to interact with their online public and establish a connection between any smart RGB lights in the room and those following your stream. It works in many ways. The most interesting is when the public activates your lights through certain chat commands.

Lumia Stream doesn't concentrate exclusively on allowing your audience to control your lights. The way you want your lights to interact with whatever it is you want to stream is all up to you. For example, you can have your lights interact with whatever is on your computer's screen at that particular streaming moment. It's also great school material if you want to make the class more interactive.

As far as brands are concerned, you shouldn't be taken by surprise when hearing this app is compatible with YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Streamlabs OBS, OSC, TreatStream, and so on. This is not it by far. When it comes to hardware compatibility, you'll hear other big brands such as Tp-link, Yeelight, Philips hue, Razer, Corsair, Tuya, and LIFX. All these names come to show the influence Lumia Stream has in the streaming world, making use of high-quality products in the process.