Remove Duplicate Lines is a straightforward application that does exactly what its name suggests: it helps you delete the duplicate lines from your text files.

The software solution features an intuitive look, so you can easily load your file, even if you are a computer newbie. You can simply drag and drop it onto the main window.

Alternatively, you can browse to the location of your RTF, TXT, DOC or DOCX files, then select the one you are interested in.

One of the benefits of using this app is that you can process single files individually, or you can load several documents and remove their duplicate lines at the same time.

You only need to set up a list with all the files you require, then wait until the utility analyzes them and erases all detected dupes.

Also, you can set the app to identify dupe words rather than lines, and delete them without your input. However, you cannot filter the words to be removed or maintained, nor can you preview the text before the result is generated.

This means that the outcome might not match your expectations entirely, especially since even connection words are wiped out.

What you can do using Remove Duplicate Lines is to enter a word, then find it throughout the document. This way, you can get an idea over how many instances of it will be removed and maybe abort the action altogether if you are not pleased.

To wrap it up, Remove Duplicate Lines can help you save time and energy when it comes to erasing duple lines or words in your files. The search process is a little rough around the edges, so you need to be extra careful when using it.