Cholesterol is a type of fat that most people find out about after a specific age. Because this fat cannot be seen with the naked eye, most individuals tend to ignore it. However, high cholesterol levels can clog veins and arteries and put a greater strain on the heart. Measuring cholesterol levels can be done by taking a medical test, but why treat it when you can prevent it? Prevention is very simple, as it requires us only to be careful with what food we put in our bodies. My Cholesterol Table is a neat tool that providers a catalog with universally popular foods and their cholesterol levels.

Even if the application offers a hefty enough list of foods, you can still do your own research and add some of your own instances. Adding another food can be easily done by giving it a name and cholesterol content values.

To make it easier to understand, the cholesterol content ranges are displayed in colors. Red represents high-cholesterol meals, yellow fall into intermediate levels, while green gives us the foods with the lowest levels of this type of fat.

If you want to use the app to start planning a diet, you can use the meal calculator. Sadly, this feature is not free, requiring the users to pay a small fee to unlock it.

The interface has a yellow background by default, but you can change that however you want, from the Preference tab. Furthermore, you can also modify the cholesterol level colors, even though the default ones are way better.

My Cholesterol Table could help a lot of people maintain healthy cholesterol levels in a simple and playful way. The food list is large enough to help a large base of users, no matter the finances. Still, you should be aware that lower cholesterol levels are good, but don't go too low, as your body still needs it to properly function.