Working behind a desk, while staring at a screen might sound like a dream for some individuals, but health hazards appear even if you are not working on a construction site. For example, back pains are serious issues, low concentration levels are negatively impacting your productivity, but one of the biggest problems is the eyes. The bright screen light is the cause of eye soreness, chronic eye disease, and other related afflictions.

Pupillary comes as a solution to your eye and productivity issues, but the process of doing so seems a bit unorthodox.

With the help of a webcam or a laptop integrated camera, Pupillary will monitor your eyes' condition. Artificial Intelligence is supposedly used to keep tabs on your eye's health and posture. Scores will then be applied to these aspects, creating what looks like stats. To which end? Apparently, to improve yourself.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who is actively avoiding being surveilled, this tool might not be for you.

The most annoying aspect about this app is that the default language is German. Switching to English should be an easy task, but that's how you stumble upon the second issue — a nag screen that blocks access to the entire app.

To avoid being stuck with the nag screen, you must launch the app and immediately click on the settings button (three lines within a circle).

Besides checking the scores, there is really nothing else to do with this app, except reading "The science," which is an option in settings that present you with medical information about eye-related problems.

In conclusion, Pupillary seems like an interesting way of keeping your eye health in check, but sadly, this project looks like it still needs some time to grow, improving both on functionality and looks.